Special Education Communication

The Parent Resource Center (PRC) is a helpful support for all families in navigating the special education process, and seeking advice in resolving questions/concerns. Not sure who to talk with? Need contact information? Have a question or concern?Contact the PRC at prc@apsva.usor 703.228.7239.

In collaborating to address questions and resolve concerns, it is always best when possible to start with your child’s teacher, case carrier, or related service provider(if the concern involves a related service). The Special Education Coordinator (a central office staff member assigned to your school), can support teams in resolving concerns. Need more help?

The link below provides a recommended communication sequence. Individuals within the sequence may also suggest connecting with IEP team members or other professionals (i.e. guidance counselors, school psychologists, specialists, etc.) who may be able to provide expertise and support.



Flow chart