February Fun

Chinese New Years Party

February 7th @ 2:45pm


The Stratford community rang in The Year of the Pig with style. Teachers and school social workers developed a unit on the Chinese New Year which focused on the lunar calendar and Chinese culture. The culminating activity ended with a school-wide parade and festival. Students created dragon masks and lanterns which they carried as they paraded throughout the school. The parade lead them to the gym where they enjoyed a community musical experience with festive choreography, recited poetry, gong ringing and rhythmic pattern playing to traditional Chinese New Year music. Peer buddies from Swanson Middle School joined in the festivities which ended with Asian culinary delights: dumplings, mandarins and cookies.

Friendship Party W/HB Friends

February 14th 2pm-3pm

friendship party

It was time for sweethearts and friends during our Valentines Day celebration. Students and staff had an excellent time making cards in art class, chocolate cookies in family and consumer science, danced in music class, and played friendship games in PE.

Kankouran West African Dance Company

February 21st @ 1:30pm

africandancegroup2019 africandancegroup2019

In honor of Black History Month, Stratford invited the Kankouran West African Dance Group to perform.