Life Skills

Functional Life Skills

Here at Shriver, we have four Functional Life Skills classrooms in which we use an adapted curriculum to meet the needs of our students on an academic and functional level. We use tools to target both the students’ individual and collective needs. Each teacher provides a learning environment so that the students can thrive and grow academically, socially, emotionally, and independently.


During School Closure

Due to school closure, we have moved from classroom learning to online learning which is a new challenge for teachers, students, and families. The Functional Life Skills Team is continually working to ensure that the educational materials provided are received in a manner that is not overwhelming or unreachable. We are currently working on creating folders located in Google Drive. This will allow parents to retrieve lessons and materials not only from their child’s teacher but from other functional life skills teachers, related service providers, and specials teachers. Look for an email from your child’s teacher stating when Google Drive will be accessible. We will post updates here, as well as contact families directly, to keep everyone informed of online learning changes. Please feel free to reach out through email if you run into technical issues, and we will try and assist in any way possible.

Life Skills Class Resources

From your Functional Life Skills Team,

Tomeka Jones
Rachel Torres
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